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The Biologic Orthopedics Journal is being launched as a new online resource of evidence-based research and analysis, along with thoughtful discussion and commentary related to approaches to orthopedic biologics, their use and their promotion. The Journal will pro
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Vol. 4 No. SP1 (2022): BOJ Special Issue 1: Regenerative Rehabilitation

Published: 2022-08-19

Original Articles


Is Discontinuation of Oral Anticoagulation Therapy Necessary for Orthobiologic Interventions?

Joseph Purita MD, José Fabio Santos Duarte Lana, MD , Morey Kolber
Abstract 230 | PDF Downloads 132

Page e1-e3

Review Articles

The Utility of Photobiomodulation as a Supplement to Orthobiologic Interventions

William Hanney, Juan Rodriguez, Abigail Wilson, Carey Rothschild, Morey Kolber, Antonio Varela, Paul Salamh
Abstract 17 | PDF Downloads 4

Page e106-e115

Regenerative Rehabilitation for Lateral Epicondylalgia

Brian Russ, Kelby Kaplan, Kristina Marie Martin
Abstract 58 | PDF Downloads 41

Page e61-e82

Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment for Low Back Pain

Claudio Simplicio, Gabriel Santos, Gilson Shinzato, Guilherme de Barros, Marta Imamura, Antonio Neto, José Fábio Lana
Abstract 94 | PDF Downloads 46

Page e96-e105

Platelet-Rich Plasma and Rehabilitation for Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Pathologies

Kaitlin Kirker, Michael Masaracchio
Abstract 154 | PDF Downloads 68

Page e4-e29

Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis

Optimal Injection Volume in Treatment of Tendinopathy

Jamie Kantor, Yash Mehta, Yunting Fu, Natalie Leong, Mohit Gilotra, Idris Amin
Abstract 0 | PDF Downloads 0

Page e116-e127

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Current cellular therapies in regenerative medicine are complex, using several delivery approaches. Translating promising research from these models into clinical studies is a challenging process, and, documenting and publicizing that research must be done to better the field for all. Through the journal’s platform for collaboration and communication, there may be opportunities to influence the development of guidelines for the safe and proper use of regenerative medicine advancements, to highlight translational barriers, and to explore the regulatory environment. Inspiring and sharing science and research with the power to revolutionize the world of medicine.